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SPEX - Export Document Production & Management System

by Kewill Trade & Logistics
SPEX is an automated export document production and management system. SPEX collates, manipulates and produces all standard export documentation sets for auto distribution via print, fax and email to designated recipients at any number of locations. When integrated with a host (ERP, SCE, etc.) system, SPEX can automatically populate data on export documents as needed, resulting in a streamlined "hands free" document preparation process. Data is entered only once, and documents can be previewed and edited directly (and saved as a TIF image) for specific requirements (i.e. Letter of Credit), without affecting the core database(s). SPEX can also prepare (in printed or electronic format) and electronically transmit Customs reporting for export shipments as required.

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  • Key Features
    • Produces hundreds of documents
    • SPEX is available as a Windows-based, true Client Server application, or as ASP-based system
    • Automatically processing of data interfaced from host system
    • Auto distribution (print, fax or email) of a document or set of documents to multiple recipients

  • Target Business Size
    • Mid-Size (100-999 employees)
    • Large (1000+ employees)
    • Small (<100 employees)

  • Platform

  • Database

  • Industries
    • Electronics and Semiconductors
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Metals - Fabrication and Assembly
    • Automotive OEM
    • Industrial/Heavy Equipment and Machinery
    • Aerospace and Defense
    • Textiles and Apparel
    • Other Transportation (Railroad, Ships, Boats)
    • Consumer Packaged Goods - Food Products
    • Miscellaneous Manufacturing
    • Oil and Gas
    • Consumer Packaged Goods - House, Health, Beauty Products
    • Medical Devices
    • Consumer Packaged Goods - Beverage, Tobacco
    • Metals - Primary (Mills, Foundries)
    • Automotive Supplier
    • Chemicals
    • Plastics and Rubber Products
    • Electrical Equipment
    • Instruments and Controls
    • Hi-Tech (Computers, Communications, Office)
    • Pulp and Paper

  • Countries

About Kewill Trade & Logistics

Kewill Trade and Logistics specializes in global trade execution and management software solutions supplying import, export, logistics, and international trade compliance systems. Kewill's IT solutions fulfill the global logistics management needs of Exporters and Importers, including compliance due diligence requirements with systems that can be integrated with enterprise business (ERP) systems to perform import compliance, automated screening for restricted parties, embargoed countries, and license determination, as well as export shipping document processing, multi-carrier compliant shipping management, and we offer systems to meet the complete business operational requirements of Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers.
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