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Transportation Management

by RedPrairie Corp.
Transportation management is about more than just getting products from Point A to Point B. It’s about managing complex government regulations and business criteria — from reduced shipping costs to lowered inventory levels and new environmental objectives. RedPrairie Transportation Suite integrates the four functions you need to meet your goals: transportation management, global trade management, certified parcel management, and fleet management. With all four applications combined into a single offering, RedPrairie Transportation Suite makes it easy to determine the most cost-efficient way to move goods across all geographies and modes of transport. It also gives you a single view of your global shipping activity, including domestic, international, and intra-European shipments.

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  • Key Features
    • EDI and Internet carrier portals for capturing appointments, gathering shipment status and proof of delivery
    • Real-time planning, optimization and execution to maximize cost savings and customer service
    • Automatic tendering (accept/decline) to prioritized carrier lists via EDI and Internet portal
    • Very flexible, late-stage order and shipment change management
    • EDI, Internet portal, and direct interfacing with shipping and receiving facilities
    • Customer and customer service Internet portals for shipment tracking
    • Full carrier contract management and assignment optimization based on carrier commitments, capacities, and performance
    • Complete shipment history for analytic analysis of performance and costs
    • Dynamic consideration of continuous-move possibilities within automated carrier assignment
    • Robust freight rating, payment and allocation capabilities

  • Target Business Size
    • Mid-Size (100-999 employees)
    • Large (1000+ employees)
    • Small (<100 employees)

  • Platform
    • Linux
    • Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP
    • HP/UX
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2003

  • Database
    • Oracle
    • IBM DB2
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Advanced Production Scheduling
    • Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)
    • Customer Planning/Shipment Scheduling
    • Demand Planning
    • DRP & Distribution Network Planning
    • Enterprisewide Planning
    • Inventory Management
    • Inventory Optimization
    • Master Production Scheduling
    • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
    • Replenishment Planning & Scheduling
    • Resolution Management
    • Service Parts Planning
    • Shipment Planning & Management
    • Supply Chain Planning
    • Supply Chain Reporting & Analytics
    • Manufacturing Process Management
    • Operations Performance Management
    • Operator Interface
    • Process Control
    • Quality Management
    • Supervisory Control
    • International Trade Management
    • Warehouse Inventory Management
    • Warehouse Management
    • Warehouse Management Reporting
    • Warehouse Management Reporting/Analysis
    • Warehouse Receiving & Put-Away
    • Warehousing Pick, Pack & Ship

  • Industries
    • Electronics and Semiconductors
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Metals - Fabrication and Assembly
    • Automotive OEM
    • Industrial/Heavy Equipment and Machinery
    • Textiles and Apparel
    • Consumer Packaged Goods - Food Products
    • Miscellaneous Manufacturing
    • Consumer Packaged Goods - House, Health, Beauty Products
    • Medical Devices
    • Consumer Packaged Goods - Beverage, Tobacco
    • Metals - Primary (Mills, Foundries)
    • Automotive Supplier
    • Chemicals
    • Plastics and Rubber Products
    • Electrical Equipment
    • Instruments and Controls
    • Hi-Tech (Computers, Communications, Office)
    • Pulp and Paper

  • Countries
    • Norway
    • USA
    • United Kingdom
    • Chile
    • Thailand
    • Georgia
    • Spain
    • Ukraine
    • China
    • New Zealand
    • Singapore
    • South Africa
    • Israel
    • Brazil
    • India
    • Canada
    • Poland
    • Italy
    • Belgium
    • Australia
    • Netherlands
    • France
    • Taiwan
    • Greece
    • Mexico
    • Luxembourg
    • Denmark
    • Switzerland
    • Finland
    • Germany
    • Malaysia
    • Ireland
    • Argentina
    • Japan
    • Estonia

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