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PlanetTogether Inc.

Discover the cost savings and increased output that result from optimizing the use of your production resources every minute of every day. PlanetTogether is the Microsoft Endorsed Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) solution for Microsoft Dynamics and Vicinity Manufacturing. It adds integrated graphical production scheduling of equipment, labor, and materials to provide manufacturers with crystal-clear capacity visibility and an easy way to update schedules based on all of the latest demand and production changes. Join manufacturers worldwide that are getting more from their resources every day with PlanetTogether.


  • 6540 Lusk Blvd C239
  • San Diego, CA
  • 92121    USA
  • Main: 858-638-7212
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Products From PlanetTogether Inc.

  • PlanetTogether

    Visual Scheduling Board for easy “drag-and-drop” re-scheduling Optimization Engine to maximize production efficiencies and on-time delivery "What-If" Impact Analysis to evaluate proposed changes before committing resources Constraint-Based Scheduling create constraining links between different jobs explicitly or based on time-phased inventory, production and bills-of-material Process Manufacturing Constraints have special rules for batch production scheduling in industries such as Food & Beverage and Chemical production Multi-User & Multi-Plant Capabilities for multiple factories or planners 100% Microsoft.Net Architecture to easily extend, support, and use Sales & Operations Planning to plan inventory and synchronize production with demand Forecasts Accurate Schedules with Real-Time Updates

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