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PROS Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PRO) is a leading provider of pricing and revenue optimization software products, specializing in price analytics, price execution and price optimization. By using PROS' software products, companies gain insight into their pricing strategies, identify pricing-based profit leaks, optimize their pricing decision making and improve their business processes and financial performance. PROS' software products implement advanced pricing science which includes operations research, forecasting and statistics. PROS' high performance software architecture supports real-time high volume transaction processing and allows PROS to handle the processing and database requirements of the most sophisticated and largest customers, including customers with 100s of simultaneous users and sub-second electronic transactions. PROS also provides a range of services that include analyzing a company's current pricing processes and implementing software products to improve pricing performance. PROS has implemented over 200 solutions across a range of industries in more than 40 countries. Founded in 1985, PROS is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Today, PROS has over 300 employees, more than 100 with advanced degrees and 20 with Ph.Ds.


  • 3100 Main St.
  • Suite 900
  • Houston, TX
  • 77002-9330    USA
  • Main: 713-335-5277
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Products From PROS

  • PROS Pricing Analytics

    Our pricing analytics software product provides dynamic visibility into pricing performance across the different segments of a business. These analytics help companies understand the pocket

  • PROS Pricing Optimization

    Our pricing optimization software products help companies arrive at an optimal price by analyzing the relationship between demand, price and profit margin and by analyzing

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